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TNT: Tips ‘N’ Tidbits

Successful climbing trips require a range of interdisciplinary skills, whether you’re heading out for a weekend or a year. Bishop, Tahoe, and Yosemite showed us the way of the weekend warrior. Eating: a small cooler, burritos, and the Pizza Factory. Showers: who cares, as long as it’s before Monday morning. Internet: no thanks. Making money: nahh, spend it! Staying organized: not necessary for two days.

When planning the RV Project, we realized that life on the road is not just an extended weekend trip. It’s a different beast entirely. We scoured the interwebs, barraged our friends and anyone else we met along the way who had any trippin’ experience in search of the information we lacked.  Nonetheless, there were numerous unanswered questions as we departed Berkeley and we were promptly shown that even the best laid plans (which ours were not, but we did the best we could) can’t account for everything, and Murphy’s Law pops up all the time.

Now that we’re living on the road, we feel like we’re back in school except that we’re learning everything we were not taught in college, and there are no TA’s to answer our pressing questions. This can be daunting at times, but is generally quite fun if you have the right attitude. Nevertheless, we wish we knew then what we know now.

We are hoping to help you out and ease the pain with our new page, TNT, a collection of Tips ‘N’ Tidbits that we have picked up via the tried and true method of trial and error. The page is for people with no experience and it’s for seasoned road trippers, weekenders and lifestylers, noobs and vets. It’s also a forum to share tips, and if we’re not touching on subject that intrigues you, let us know – we would be thrilled to offer any insight we might have.


Staying Healthy

Local Beta – Climber’s guides to the areas surrounding climbing areas

Road Trip Beta

Stuff We’re Psyched On


One thought on “TNT: Tips ‘N’ Tidbits

  1. P-Unit on said:

    Damn Murphy…Got me again! Sorry it’s taken so long for me to get around to this but I’ve put a note in my calendar to read a few every week now. Safe travels friends!

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