The RV Project

"There Are No Wrong Roads to Anywhere"


One night around a campfire we sat and talked about how much we loved what we were doing. We were drinking beer after a long day of bouldering and eagerly chatting about what sectors we were stoked on for the next day. Then Byron laid his dream on the table: to buy an RV and hit the road with cameras and computers and make climbing films. Spenser was all like, “that sounds cool. Can I come along?” Byron: “Yeah.” They stared wistfully into the fire, as they would for many years to come, dreaming of but still without an RV.

This was back in the day, specifically year AD early-2000s. Now it’s 2012, and we’re doin’ it. Somewhere along the way, Spenser found Vikki (and vice versa), and now they’re datin’. Oh yeah. And probably doin’ it, and I don’t mean the RV thing. Well yes, that too. But you know, “it,” the adult one. Kids, ask your parents. You wouldn’t be here without “it.” But I digress.

Ours is also a generation of “What the hell is going on in this country?” We were told that college is the ticket to success, and we have not found that to hold true. We have no voice in Washington, Sacramento, corporate boardrooms, or anywhere else that the big decisions are made. We, as a generation, are quitting our jobs, going back to school, traveling, and generally asking “If not now, then when?”

The RV Project consisted of three bright, talented and motivated Millenials. Now we are two. We will make changes in this world, but we don’t know how we’re going to do that quite yet. So while we’re young enough and fortunate enough, we’re taking some time off to follow our dreams.


I got bones full of Lorax marrow but a family full of biz whizzes. I don’t know whether to make a ton of cash and live in a multitude of seasonal homes, or to go to environmental law school and stick it to Exxon. So until I figure that out, I’m going to do the only thing that I am absolutely sure that I want to do: see America, meet its people, and climb its rocks, while I still can. I don’t know what the rest of life holds for me, but I do know for a fact that what I am doing right now, in a trailer somewhere between the right and left coasts, is exactly what I want to be doing right now. While spending time as a confused 20something, I also like cooking, reading, editing video footage, meeting folks, and drinking coffee. And whiskey. I like whiskey a lot.


Born in Ukraine to highly ambitious parents – they got me out of the Soviet Union and to America, landing in Missouri where I spent my childhood and was neither furnished everything nor denied my needs. High school in San Diego beguiled me, while college at Berkeley brought me back to reality. After living in SF after graduation and working an interesting yet insanely time and mind-consuming job in organ donation, I’m done with California for the moment and ready to go explore the places I would never have dared to go in the past. At 25, I finally feel like I know myself well enough to recognize that what I want to do is be outside, climb before I can’t climb anymore, and meet the people that make this country amazing. I know there’s a lot of them out there and they’re not just on the coasts, which happens to be a widespread belief. I’ll still be doing some donor-organ-matching work on the road and also applying to business school, but I’m sick of sitting in an office and ready to break out. I have no clue what I want to “do” in the future, but a constant interest in my life has been people. So come tell (or write) me about yourself, seriously – I want to know what makes you…you.

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