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The Shoe Wars Round 1: Five Ten vs. La Sportiva in Joe’s Valley

Who makes the best climbing shoes? Who’s got the stickiest rubber? What should you put on your foot when it’s time to send? La Sportiva Athlete Shannon Joslin and Five Ten Athlete Flannery Shay-Nemirow go head to head on several Joe’s Valley testpieces to determine whose shoes are better at pointing, smearing, edging, and hooking their way up the rock. Let the battle begin.

Squamish, BC- Three From Squamish

Spenser Tang-Smith climbs The Egg, Black Hole, and The Reckoning. All of them are classic boulder problems.

Squamish, BC- Ladies in the Forest

Female firepower on display, as Ashley Christensen climbs Viper, Lani Adamson climbs Resurrection, and Vikki Glinskii and Marissa Land put Shots Fired! to rest.

Squamish, BC- Spenser’s 29th Birthday Challenge

For his 29th birthday, Spenser attempted to complete 29 of the Top 100 boulder problems in the Squamish Bouldering guidebook. Click here for the write up.

Santa Barbara, CA- Trojan Arete

We stopped in Santa Barbara in May 2013 for a quick visit with friends, and a return to Spenser’s old stomping ground. He had one line in particular in his sights, and managed to gun down the proud and seldom repeated Trojan Arete (V8/5.13b, depending on the guide)

Bishop, CA- Elliot Faber on the first ascent of ZAP

Inspired by his late friend Zach, Elliot Faber from Santa Cruz, CA climbed the seldom-repeated highball Transporter Room in December 2012. After adding an alternate start to Transporter Room called The Elevator, he set his sights on a new line. After a few days of work, he added another proud, tall test-piece to the Buttermilks. The climbed is named ZAP, in honor of Zach Amadeus Parker.

Black Rock City, CA- Camp UP: The Burning Wall Project

Back in the day (2011), we built a climbing wall with the help of many friends, and brought it to Burning Man as part of Camp UP! We had lost the footage, but serendipitously found it on an old SD card. Better late than never, here’s the story of Camp UP.

Bishop, CA- The Luminance Session

On December 7, 2012, Alex Johnson made the first female ascent of the beautiful and intimidating Bishop highball, Luminance (V9). Several others climbed the line that day, and we were lucky enough to be there with our cameras. Watch the credits, where Spenser demonstrates how scary it is.

Joe’s Valley, UT- A Tour of our Trailer

Cribs, road trip style. Here’s a quick little tour of our much smaller (some might say cute) trailer.

The East Coast- Episode 9: There’s Something About Summer

Episode 9 is finally here. With very few sends to show off, we at least made this one entertaining. Enjoy this somewhat unconventional climbing video.

Red River Gorge, KY- Episode 8: Shadow Ayala on the first ascent of Banksy, 5.12c

While in the Red River Gorge, we filmed Shadow Ayala doing the first ascent of a new Gallery classic, Banksy 5.12c. Enjoy!

Horse Pens 40, Steele, AL- Episode 7: Horse Pens 40 Bouldering Part 2

Here’s Part 2 of our Horse Pens escapades. We attend a sunrise ceremony on Easter Sunday, Kenny converses with fowl, and then we climb Lea’s Problem, Genesis via Dyno, Mulletino, and Popeye.

Horse Pens 40, Steele, AL- Episode 6: Horse Pens 40 Bouldering Part 1

Part 1 of our night bouldering adventures at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. Our take on some HP40 classics: Orchid, Hammerhead, Bum Boy, Centerpede, and Millipede.

Dayton Pocket, Tennessee- Torpedo V7

A short video of Spenser sending Torpedo (V7) at Dayton Pocket outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Some pretty awesome roof climbing!

Hueco Tanks, TX- Episode 5: Last Day Best Day

After filming a bunch of other people climbing, we took the last few days in Hueco to film ourselves. The result was some damn good climbing footage. Released April 25, 2012

Hueco Tanks, TX- Episode 4: Alban the Annihilator

We met a French kid named Alban Besnier, and he quietly squashed several impressive lines. We filmed them and put them together here, so you can understand just how high the standard of climbing in Hueco Tanks is. Released April 16, 2012

Hueco Tanks, TX- Episode 3: The Colorado Boys

This video shows our experience with some crack climbers from Colorado who got lost and found themselves in Hueco Tanks. These boys were awesome, and we look forward to many more adventures with the in Colorado. Released April 11, 2012

Hueco Tanks, TX- Episode 2: Hueco Moon
Our first week in Hueco Tanks, capped off by the Rock Rodeo. Released: April 2, 2012
Hueco Tanks, TX- Episode 1: Calamities
Our first video! This chronicles our odyssey to Texas. Released: March 15, 2012
Santa Barbara, CA- Top Rope Tough Guys
Nuff said.

See more of Byron Jordan Wolter’s Videos at his Vimeo page.


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