The RV Project

"There Are No Wrong Roads to Anywhere"

Reel High Psyche

It’s hard to believe that, like the long summer itself, our stay in Colorado is entering its autumn phase. As I type, Vikki is making her way to the San Francisco airport to come back home to the Front Range. That sentence right there would’ve been written backward 8 months ago…and soon we’ll be moving on, once again to join the ranks of those without mailing addresses, bathroom sinks, or rent.

Our very first full day in Colorado saw us driving up to Vedauwoo with Brad and Adam to meet up with Pete Mortimer and Nick Rosen of Sender Films. They were there to gather the last bits of footage needed for their Reel Rock segment about offwidth climbing. If we needed a reminder that we were in climbing’s Hollywood state, this was it. If we had forgotten the lesson, we were reminded later on when Sender asked us to help film a short, comical bit with Alex Honnold for the PGA tour. In between all the star-gazing, there’s been plenty of training, bits of working, and a lot of climbing outside with new and old friends.

Brad Jackson pushes through Life Without Parole, V-wtf, while Sender Films films.

And now everything is coming full circle! We cannot frickin’ wait for Thursday, September 13th, when Reel Rock 7 premieres at the Chautauqua Auditorium. As always, it promises to be an incredible show. Sharma vs. Ondra, The Shark’s Fin with Renan Ozturk and friends, and of course, Honnold defying odds and gravity. But this year’s special. Not only might (and I repeat: might) there be some footage shot by yours truly, the RV Project, but there will (and I repeat: WILL) be some sick footage of our friends Brad Jackson and Adam Papilion (We met them in Hueco Tanks, remember?). You can even catch a glimpse of them in the trailer, doing that crazy wide shit that they do. Either way, I highly, HIGHLY recommend getting a ticket to the nearest showing. They’re selling like gluten-free hotcakes in Boulder.


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